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Alcohol addiction affects thousand s of people in the United States. In some cases, it can go undiagnosed until the consequences become severe. Those who suffer from it may not see the problem, and those surrounding the addict often feel helpless to do anything about it. Understanding alcohol addiction, the symptoms associated with it, and the treatment options can help you identify the problem and get the necessary help. For help now, call Drug Treatment Centers Montclair at (826) 205-6078.

Alcohol addiction is not the same thing as alcohol abuse or binge drinking. For the alcoholic, the desire to drink is so strong that all negative physical, emotional and psychological consequences are disregarded. While alcohol abuse can lead to addiction, the two are not the same. When someone abuses alcohol, he or she has a craving for the substance, but is still able to control the amount that is consumed.

Addiction takes the process a step further. For the addict, life often revolves around getting that next drink. It takes more and more to satisfy the craving. An alcoholic can often function even when drinking. The body has adapted to the alcohol and now requires more to get the same effects. Alcoholics often experience intense withdrawal symptoms when they stop drinking for a prolonged period of time.

Symptoms and Causes of Addiction

Many factors play a role in whether a person will become an alcoholic. Social environments and genetics are two such factors. If a person has a family history of alcohol and addiction, that person is at a higher risk. Some ethnic groups also have a higher rate of alcoholism. People with mental health conditions such as depression or anxiety are also more predisposed to the disease because alcohol may be used to self-medicate.

Common symptoms of addiction to alcohol include:

  • The symptoms of alcohol abuse, which includes neglecting responsibilities, using alcohol when you shouldn’t, drinking as a way to relax, neglecting relationships
  • A physical dependence on the alcohol with a need to increase consumption to get the same effects
  • Physical issues that result from the lack of alcohol, such as shakiness, sweating, insomnia, irritability, depression and nausea

A person who experiences these symptoms has an addiction to alcohol. If you or someone you know has shown any of these signs, call Drug Treatment Centers Montclair at (826) 205-6078 today and speak to an addiction specialist.

Alcohol Treatment

Occasionally, the alcoholic will see that he or she has a problem and seek help. More often, it is someone who loves them that sees the issue. Many times, an intervention must be held to convince the person that there is a problem.

Alcohol treatment begins with a commitment to stop drinking. The addict must first stop denying that he or she has a problem and seek help. For some, treatment means dealing with the alcoholism on your own. However, for those who have been drinking long-term, medical help is often essential to success. For those who drink on a daily basis, withdrawal may be physically difficult. The body has come to rely on it, and will have a severe reaction when it is taken away. These symptoms may include headaches, sweating, shaking, vomiting or nausea, anxiety and even an elevated heart rate and stomach cramps during the withdrawal process.

Because withdrawal can be serious and even life-threatening, medical supervision through a medical detoxification program like the one offered at our treatment center is important in many cases. Once the worst of the symptoms have passed, the addict begins to feel physically better. It may take five days or even longer for all withdrawal symptoms to subside.

At this point, other treatment options are necessary, which may include counseling and alternative forms of behavioral therapy. Alcoholism is often an indication of other problems, which must also be dealt with for successful recovery.

Call Drug Treatment Centers Montclair at (826) 205-6078 and find out more about our alcohol addiction treatment programs.

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