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Drug addiction is a disease that involves a continual craving for some type of drug. This craving cannot be controlled and often leads to compulsive behavior. It disrupts the user’s life and often hurts those around him or her. Drug Treatment Centers Montclair offers programs that help with this disease. For more information, please call us today at (826) 205-6078.

Drug Addiction Treatment Options

Drug Treatment Centers Montclair offer multiple treatment options for those who are addicted to drugs. No single treatment is effective for everyone, and many people must use multiple treatment options to see results. Some of the treatment options available through our drug treatment centers include:

It is usually through a combination of these methods that patients receive the most benefit.


Detox is a process that rids the body of all traces of drugs and returns the body to the state it was in before the drug abuse. At our treatment facility, we can provide medications that aid in this process to reduce some of the symptoms of withdrawal. A recovering addict is more likely to finish the process with these medications than if he or she tries to detox alone.


Cognitive behavioral therapy works to help recovering addicts change their attitudes and behaviors that led to the drug addiction. It teaches them better ways to cope with stress, as well as ways to deal with the underlying issues that caused the drug abuse in the first place. Patients are taught to recognize situations that may serve as triggers for drug use. They learn how to avoid these situations or how to cope with them if avoidance is not possible.

Behavioral therapy primarily takes place during individual counseling sessions, but can also be administered in a group setting. The therapy differs by person, depending on the triggers and underlying issues. When these issues are dealt with successfully, relapse is less likely.

Inpatient Residential Treatment

Inpatient or residential substance abuse treatment programs are often highly effective for those with the most severe drug abuse and addiction issues. They can last anywhere from a few weeks to several months. They typically rely on those within the facility – staff and other patients, to facilitate recovery.

In many instances, inpatient treatment has been shown to be more effective for dealing with drug addiction. Someone with a long history of drug abuse or someone who has engaged in criminal behavior will most likely need inpatient treatment. Recovery will be more successful if the addict can be removed from the lifestyle or environment that caused the drug use in the first place.

Drug addiction is not easily treated, but at Drug Treatment Centers Montclair, we offer numerous methods to help our patients start in the road to recovery. Call us today at (826) 205-6078 and find out more about the available treatment options.

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